Germany’s DSWV Calls on the GGL to Combat Illegal Online Gambling

While some casinos like are operating legally, there are those that want to bypass laws. Because of this, Germany is tackling the problem of illegal online gambling. There are many illegal gambling operators in Germany, causing a problem not just for the legal operators but also for the players. They are not safe, and there are no protection practices for them.

Currently, the legitimate gambling operators of Germany are facing a lot of challenges. The group of these licensed gambling organizations have been vocal about their concerns, which have something to do with operating challenges.

Gambling operators also say that advertising rules make it difficult for them to operate. There are also issues with licensing applications and compliance demands. In Germany, it is easier to operate land-based casinos than an online facility.

Recently, the German sports and betting trade association, commonly referred to as DSWV, urged the German government to act with the goal of safeguarding the industry against unlicensed threats. The petition was sent to the Glücksspielbehörde der Länder, or GGL, the gambling regulator of the country.

The GGL has recently replaced the GlüNeuRStv. GlüNeuRStv was Germany’s Fourth Interstate Gambling Regime. The task of the GGL is to ensure that they solve the mounting problems in the gambling sector. In the current situation, Ronald Benter and Benjamin Schwanke will work together as joint chief executives of the GGL.

The DSWV was welcoming of the formation of the GGL and stated that they are positive that the GGL is an excellent start to usher in a new era of gambling regulation in Germany.  Following the formation of GGL, the DSWV urged the GGL to wage a fight against illegal gambling operators. The DSWV stated that fighting illegal operators would make a milestone achievement for the German gambling industry.

The GGL is facing several challenges, and the DSWV is positive that the new leaders will be able to come through. There is an unregulated black market in the gambling sector in Germany, and it has grown over the years. This growth has prevented legitimate operators from making profits. They urged the GGL to make interventions as quickly as possible.

Another thing that the DSWV noted is that the unlicensed operators do not care about player protection. If this goes on, it can cripple the gambling industry in the country. As such, there is a need to monitor the online gambling industry in the country.

The DSWV identified 507 illegal gambling websites that target German gamblers. On these websites, registration for a gambling account was so easy. Players can do this without any problems. This ease of engagement is what is worrisome, according to the DSWV. The volume of the black market gambling industry will rise, eventually leading players to suffer from unfair practices. In addition, those that operate legitimately also suffer as they lose a significant portion of the market share.

Apparently, the DSWV is pointing its fingers at GlüNeuRStv as the responsible entity for these problems. Now that GGL has replaced GlüNeuRStv, the DSWV is optimistic that many of their problems will finally see a resolution.

So far, the GGL has an outline of how it will attack the existing problem. The GGL plan to counteract the black market by using regulatory controls. They also plan to use IP and payment blocking strategies to prevent players from accessing the sites.

In response to the plan of GGL, the DSWV welcomed IP blocking as a temporary solution. However, they have a recommendation stating that it is better to create an attractive license offering. To the DSWV, this is a long-term solution that will eventually become a safeguard and protection for German gamblers online.

Furthermore, the DSWV said that the success of GGL would be measured by several things. One of these things is whether or not it will achieve a high channelization rate. The goal is to ensure that the consumers of the German market will only engage with licensed gambling operators.

According to the DSWV, the goal of the GGL is to ensure that they create a secure market far from the current state of the gambling industry right now. The secure market must also be interesting to the customers. Apparently, the message is to ensure that there is enough competition for the German market to choose from.

Furthermore, they stated that effective action against unlicensed gambling operators was the key to eliminating illegal operators. An attractive market or a wide selection of online gaming facilities is also imperative, as it makes German players stay within Germany. Without these solutions, the German gambling market will soon be saturated with unlicensed operators. It can be bad for the economy, as the German gamblers pay gambling companies that do not pay their dues to the country.

The GGL is facing a huge challenge. While the solutions they offered are great, these are interim solutions only. The long-term solutions will have to be discussed further. Eventually, the licensed German gambling operators are optimistic that the GGL will be able to do what its predecessor failed to.

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