Four reasons why we love football so much

Twenty-two players run after a ball and try to get it into the goal. For spectators off the field, the result usually has no significant consequence. And yet they fear for victory and cheer loudly when their “own” team wins. How come the sport is so loved? Soccer is the number one national sport and a global mass phenomenon. It is estimated that there are around four billion football fans worldwide. 

1. Football is a versatile pastime

Football is for everyone at any time of the year. It doesn’t matter whether you follow the games in front of the TV, study football magazines, stand on the pitch yourself, or play on the console. Football is a versatile pastime. There is always a football atmosphere waiting with various video games that bring the round leather to the digital level.

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2. Football is a community sport

Football is a team sport – this applies to the players on the pitch. And the spectators in front of the television and the stadium. Soccer alone isn’t half as much fun as with a group of friends or even a few other fans at the pub. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the World Cup, the district league, or just playing football on the soccer field as a hobby: football is always a wonderful reason to meet up with friends and watch it together or play it yourself. While one could easily watch matches these days in the comfort of one’s home, it lures fans to bars and public viewings to watch with the company – this shows the incredible community spirit of the sport.

3. Football connects people

Football is not only a community sport. It also manages to connect people from all over the world with different backgrounds and cultures. Even if you meet a fan on the other side of the planet, you immediately have one key thing in common: a passion for the sport.

Across clubs and national borders, people cheer for games on all continents when their club or national team is on the pitch. Cheering for the same team creates a unit where differences do not exist. When teams play, all fans are in the same boat for at least 90 minutes. They tremble and bang together and cheer together in the best case. We suffer and celebrate together, regardless of age and nationality.

4. Emotions are allowed

Let’s move on from trembling and trembling to the next important factor that makes football unique: It’s a sport full of great emotions. Where else in life do you see men with tears running down their cheeks, patting one another on the back for comfort, or even hugging one another?

In the stadium or when watching TV together, it is not only allowed but common practice for men to show their feelings without any inhibitions. People tremble, scold and cry, shout, sing and cheer. Nobody here questions the masculinity of a crying fan. Nobody complains about roars and booming singing. That’s fine when watching football because different rules apply here. After all, it’s about football!

Everyone cheers, suffers, and celebrates together: football is a special mass phenomenon. It is a community sport that connects people from all over the world. It’s a sport where crying and bawling are allowed. But it’s more than just a sport. It’s a pastime that takes different forms and formats. In a nutshell: It’s the nicest thing in the world.

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