Fascination gambling

If you have succumbed to the fascination of gambling, like so many others, you are not alone. According to the annual report of the gambling supervisory authorities from 2021, a total of 13,913 million $ was turned over. Four-fifths of this comes from the regulated market, i.e., from casinos, state lotteries, officially recognized horse racing tracks, etc.

Why do so many people spend money on gambling is in the hope of winning. After all, part of the stakes is paid out to the players. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dreaming of a new car, a family home in the countryside, or a trip around the world. Fair conditions are guaranteed at 20 Bet.

The fascination of gambling has fascinated humanity for a long time

The fascination with gambling is not an invention of our time. On the contrary, experts agree that people have always played games to pass the time. Finds from Mesopotamia and China manifest this thesis. Playing equipment made of ivory and bone has been excavated from this era. As you use them today, those dice already existed around 2,000 BC. It is uncertain whether people were already playing with the dice for money or other valuables. 

From ancient Greece, it has been said that gamblers gathered in certain places to live out the fascination of gambling. The name σκιραφεῖον, meaning “place for commercial gambling,” derives from the temple of Athena Skira. The sacred building in Corinth was one of those places where players liked to meet. In ancient Rome, attempts were made to stop the fascination with gambling with the law Lex Alearia (dice law). Nevertheless, the population kept finding loopholes to continue pursuing their hobby. Both church and state prohibited public gambling during the Middle Ages.

The fascination with gambling is particularly great when it comes to casinos. The first of these was opened in 1638 in the Palazzo Dandolo in Venice. Almost 100 years later, the Italian city already had more than 100 venues. One of the most famous casinos in Europe, Monte Carlo, only celebrated great success after Francois Blanc took it over. 

Digitization has a massive impact on the fascination with gambling

If you’re from the older generation, you may still remember the time before the internet revolutionized life. In the beginning, it was probably not clear how much influence the virtual world would have on business and private life around 30 years later. The fascination with gambling is not exempt from digitization either. More and more people register in online casinos because of many advantages:

Online casinos are open at all times, and you can also indulge in the fascination of gambling in the evenings and at weekends. You save both the travel time and the tedious search for a parking space in front of a traditional playhouse in the inner-city area.

You don’t pay an entrance fee at online casinos: the entire amount you pay into your player account is available for roulette, blackjack & co.

In addition, nowhere is the selection of games as large as in the virtual world. If roulette is a game of chance for you, you have the opportunity to bet on red, black, even, and odd, as well as many other variants online.

What to look out for when gambling online

Quickly paid 20 $ into the virtual account and dared to play another game? If you do it like this every day, the fascination with gambling can cost you dearly. After all, you do not take any money in your hand when paying, and the credit card is generally lost when making payments in the virtual world.

Only at the end of the month, when there is little left of your salary. Do you realize that you lived beyond your means at the end of the month? If you notice that you are overdoing it with the fascination with gambling, set yourself a limit. Agree on a specific budget for your hobby with yourself. They often come to you. Online casinos counteract this endeavor by making it possible to set daily or monthly limits for deposits.

You should also not ignore the topic of data security at online casinos. Before you disclose your data, find out about the regulations on the operator’s website. Sensitive data is disclosed at reputable online casinos exclusively via encrypted lines. Another tip before signing up is to look out for welcome bonuses. The competition at online casinos is now so great that the competition thanks to new customers for registering with discounts. 

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