What Are The Different Error Codes In QuickBooks?

You’ve probably experienced an error in QuickBooks. This is a frustrating and time-consuming process. You can encounter many types of error codes when using QuickBooks on Windows or Mac. These common errors can be divided into three main groups: technical errors, accounting errors, and banking errors. These can be further sub-categorized into many other categories that we have further listed in this article. This article will cover the most common error codes in QuickBooks. We’ll also explain why they appear and how to fix them.

Types of errors in QuickBooks

Resolving QuickBooks errors is always a top priority, regardless of whether the problem is due to a bug in the software or user inattention. You can identify the source of the error and what failed components are involved, as well as the actions required to fix it quickly. These are the most common categories in which QuickBooks errors occur:

QuickBooks Technical Errors

Technical errors are any faults or bugs in an application that produce unexpected or incorrect results. Most technical errors that QuickBooks users encounter are caused by improper application setup or a lack of attention during any operation. These are the most common error codes in QuickBooks that fall within the technical error category.

QuickBooks Error 3371-

This error occurs when activating QuickBooks Desktop. It displays the error message “Couldn’t initialize license properties.” Error 3371: QuickBooks couldn’t load the license data. This could be due to missing or damaged files.

QuickBooks Error HTML202-

This quickbooks error code h202 occurs when multiple computers access the company file on the network server. QuickBooks displays the error code “Network Diagnostics Failed” once it has been encountered. Retry to resolve the error.

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QuickBooks Error 6000-

When opening or restoring a QuickBooks company file, users may encounter the following error code: “An error occurred while QuickBooks attempted to access the company’s file. There are two error codes: -6000 and -83. “Is displayed to the user”

QuickBooks Error 1603-

This is an error message that appears when installing QuickBooks Desktop. “The update installer encountered an error.”

QuickBooks Error 6123-

This error occurs when a user attempts to open a company file.

QuickBooks Error HTML505-

The H series errors are very common in QuickBooks. When a user encounters these error codes, it displays the message “This company file exists on another computer and QuickBooks needs to connect”.

QuickBooks Error6190-

Another error in QuickBooks that was once displayed is “QuickBooks Unable to Open This Company File Error Codes (-6190, or -816)”.

QuickBooks Error 15222-

This is a common error in payroll that can occur while you are running payroll in QuickBooks. It is shown under the Update QuickBooks window.


If you’re running QuickBooks in multi-user mode there is a chance that you will encounter a database manager-related error. These errors are displayed by QuickBooks as “QBDBMgrN is not running on my computer” and “quickbooks database server manager stopped” messages to the user.

QuickBooks Error404-

This error can cause interruptions in the operations of both QuickBooks Online and Desktop apps. This error can occur when you use web-based services such as go-payments or intuit(r), data protection.


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