Ways to Recycle Pizza Boxes

Pizza is one of the unique eateries that comes in a bigger-sized box and is a favorite kind of meal among people of all ages. But the real problem occurs after eating the pizza and being left with just the box. we often throw it near the bin and wonder how to fit this big box in the trash. You must think about whether pizza boxes can be recycled or not. Well, the thing is that you can recycle a pizza box and cannot as well.

Your pizza box will be recycled if it is completely clean. Few chunks and grease on the box will not be recyclable. This is because it contaminates other recycling materials as well. Besides that, you might also think about how to dispose of pizza boxes when throwing them in the trash. Well here are the ways for you to get rid of pizza boxes as you can easily recycle them but in a few circumstances.

Cut the Pizza Box

One way to fit your greasy pizza box in the trash is by cutting the box into smaller pieces or tearing it up. This way, you will be able to throw it out and will not be worried about a huge mess. Also, you can cut the only greasy part and leave the rest of the box for recycling.

Go for Composting Pizza Boxes

Composting is the alternative to recycling. You can use the rigid boxes for organic use, but in the same condition as it is with recycling. But now, due to the advancements in technology, you can easily compost these boxes even with the greasing and toss them directly into the organic collection along with paper napkins.

Promote Having Pizza Trash

Pizza trash is crucial in the main streets to prevent pizza boxes from making a mess. You can promote the idea by awareness to your local citizens. This way, your pizza boxes will be stacked up inside the trash and it will be easier for the dump workers to collect the stack and take it for recycling. You can also place pizza trash outside the buildings and offices to keep the locals aware of throwing the pizza boxes there.

Throw Pizza Boxes in the Green Bins

One great way to dispose of pizza boxes is to throw them in the green bins. Green bins are specifically made for biodegradable materials to be thrown inside. Since the boxes for pizzas are made of cardboard and cardboard material is biodegradable, it certainly counts in there. You can easily find green bins near your house or street and can throw the pizza boxes there for a better environment.

This is also applicable to the greasy box of pizza where you don’t have to worry about the box contaminating other things inside. That is what green bins are for. You can simply throw the boxes inside these bins whether the box is fully cleaned or has chunks, leftovers, or grease inside. What matters is the material of the box with is helpful for you to get rid of easily.


How to Compost Pizza Boxes

Are pizza boxes compostable? Yes! It is a resounding “Yes!” to the compost question. Believe it or not, pizza boxes are great for your compost bin. The more gritty the better. Your compost bin will not be affected by the grease from the pizza. They will love your compost bin even more if you have worms. Actually, we think that placing your pizza boxes in the compost can is the best way to get rid of them.

There is no need to cut grease or separate the grease from the other parts. It is clear where it is going so you can rest assured it will be properly disposed. It adds bulk to the compost and, while it is not as nutritious as vegetables, fruits, or other organic matter, it quickly breaks down and can be used as a recycled filler’ for compost.

However, keep in mind that any foil or plastic parts found on custom boxes wholesale of pizza or in dipping sauce containers will not decompose in the compost bin. They could cause toxins to the compost. Take out all other materials from the boxes. You should only leave the cardboard, even if it has been soiled by grease. You could throw in the entire pizza box if you wanted. If you want it to quickly break down into compost, however, we suggest that you cut it into pieces. You don’t need to waste time chopping them into small pieces if you don’t want to. If you have a small container, it’s a good idea to cut them into quarters. This will allow you to have more space for compostable waste.

How to dispose of pizza boxes?

It doesn’t have to be difficult to dispose of a pizza box. There are three main ways to dispose of a pizza box, as you can see.

We want to emphasize the importance of properly disposing of it. Don’t just throw it in with the regular trash. It doesn’t have to be. It can be recycled or placed in your compostable green container, or even your compost heap. There’s no reason why more pizza boxes should end-up in landfills.

We believe that disposing of a pizza box in a compost pile or bin is the best way to dispose it.  You don’t have to worry about cutting or separating and you can see exactly where your trash is going. You can rest assured that your trash is being recycled sustainably and doing good for the environment.

We are all well aware that not everyone has a composter. Living in apartments or cities without a garden means that many people will not be able to have one. You can give the pizza boxes to a friend or family member who has got compost bins or use one of the other methods to dispose of pizza boxes. You can also recycle the pizza boxes. Plus, you can recycle the pizza box if it is completely free from grease, food leftovers and cheese.



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