Want to Know How to See Your Recent Followers on Instagram?  We’ve Got the Lowdown!

Instagram is all about growing your followers. Whether it’s acquiring new friends, adding distant family members, finding an old college friend or because you’re a business, brand or budding Influencer wanting to ramp up your game!

However, how do you know how to see recent followers on Instagram?  It’s not quite like Facebook, where you can see recent friend requests – your new followers just pop onto your friend list.  You don’t even get to see who’s unfollowed you!

You Want to Reach Out to Recent Followers – But How Do You Find Them?

If you’re quickly gaining traction on Instagram, seeing who your latest followers are useful.  Especially if you want to thank them personally and that’s something those new followers really appreciate.  The problem is your follow list is not displayed in chronological order as it used to be.  So, if you quickly hop onto your follower list, you will notice that you can no longer see who your latest followers are.

Instagram No Longer Displays Followers in Chronological Order

Instagram has stopped listing followers in chronological order, we’re right, you just checked!  No longer can you note how to see your recent followers on Instagram, the display list is completely different!

The change was made last year, in June 2021 and what’s even stranger is that depending on where you view your Instagram follow list, you get a different look!  Luckily, we can tell you how to see recent followers on Instagram by using one of our clever tips.  Read on for more.

Here’s How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

We won’t let you down!  If you want to know how to see recent followers on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • First, visit your Instagram account and log in.
  • Tap on your follower list.
  • You should see your list displayed from the newest first BUT this isn’t always the case.
  • Drop to the very bottom of your list because Instagram’s algorithm has changed and sometimes, new followers appear at the bottom of your follower list.

If you are still not convinced if this method shows you how to see recent followers on Instagram, you can visit the browser instead.

The browser usually displays your list of followers in order of newest to oldest. Whereas the app isn’t as reliable.  So, login to Instagram from your desktop.  Next, follow these steps:

Find Out How to See Latest Instagram Followers Using a Desktop Browser

  • Log into Instagram using your computer and the link above.
  • Visit your profile page and locate the followers prompt.
  • Click on it to display a list, this helps you with how to see recent followers on Instagram.
  • The list will display your most recent followers right at the top (newest first).

Use Third Party Apps to See An Up-to-Date Instagram Follower List

There’s a third option.  Using third-party apps is another way how to see recent followers on Instagram.  We give you a brief overview of the two best apps to track new followers on Instagram.

  • Snoopreport App

Click on this link to download Snoopreport from your iPhone or Android device.  This app does a lot of different things.  It tracks your new followers, tracks your activity on Instagram and more.  You can also use it on your desktop and there’s a paid plan that gives you upgraded insights into what your Instagram followers are doing.

  • KidsGuards Pro

This is really designed for adults to track their children’s use of Instagram.  You have to install it onto your phone. The app has a selection of tracking options.  It tells you who you’ve followed recently, who has followed you, what you’ve liked and more.  Remember, it’s designed for children but it’s effective if you want to know how to see recent followers on Instagram.

Final Words on Tracking Your Followers on Instagram

Do be careful with downloading third party apps to find out how to see recent followers on Instagram.  Instagram has a strict user policy and if you’re seen to violate their rules, you could face an account ban.  Remember, Instagram’s algorithm changes all the time. So while you might be able to view your followers in chronological order today, it could update and tomorrow, you may not be able to!

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