Things to Know about Changing Your Garage Door

Did you know that the average lifespan of a garage door is approximately 30 years – with the right maintenance? Maintenance also plays a crucial role in how long your garage door will last.

For someone who just learned to drive a car, they might accidentally back into their garage door, causing the garage door to be replaced with an overhead door.

Here are some other aspects that impact the lifespan of a garage door:

Natural Elements

Sometimes natural elements also play a role in determining how long a garage door might last.

For instance, if a windstorm has caused debris to smash against your garage door, it might damage some panels in the process, prompting you to contact the best garage door company and replace the garage door.

The question is – when exactly should you consider replacing your garage door? We recommend visually inspecting your garage door at least after every six months. If the garage door is made of cheaper material, it will break down more quickly.

Garage Door Material  

Some materials also deteriorate in certain weather conditions, so you will want to assess your garage door at least once a week. You will also want to schedule an annual maintenance inspection with the best garage door company.

Nonetheless, like everything else, you will want to ensure proper and regular maintenance by lubricating the garage door regularly and keeping the garage door free of debris. You can also make it a point to regularly use mild detergent to clean the garage door.

Frequency of Use

Also, the more frequently you will use the garage door, the more it will be subjected to wear and tear. If you have a car that you park in your garage every day, it is normal to use the garage door. However, many people use the garage throughout the day, which means that the garage door will be required to be replaced sooner.

Potential Indicators of the Need for Garage Door Replacement

Now that we have covered the basics let us assess the potential signs one should consider replacing their garage door.

If you feel that the internal and external parts of the garage door are damaged, then it might be time to opt for a garage door replacement. Also, if you live in a warmer region where the garage door is exposed to the blazing sun for most months of the year, then it might have gotten discolored or warped.

Over time, weather and temperature changes can seriously impact the garage door’s springs and hinges. So, you will want to regularly assess the moving parts of your garage door and change the door whenever needed.

Another potential indicator that you need to change your garage door is when it is not opening and closing properly. The underlying cause could be a failing opener and misaligned sensors.

Outdated tech, such as outdated remotes, can also cause the failure of garage door sensors, which needs to be addressed instantly as it can result in injuries.

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