Rotary hammer with locking switch

If you want to use the tool from time to time in continuous operation, it is best to opt for the rotary hammer with a lock switch. It allows you to lock the switch so that you can concentrate fully on the work at hand.

In general, it is also important that your rotary hammer with depth stop is not too heavy. The more weight the tool weighs, the faster your arms tire.

Particularly good models weigh just over two kilograms. On the other hand, you should refrain from devices that weigh more than three kilograms, especially if you want to work with them for a long time.

Drilling diameter: differences due to material

If you look for a rotary hammer with anti-vibration technology or a rotary hammer with a rotatable additional handle, you will very quickly notice that there are significant differences between the possible drilling diameters. How large the drilling diameter depends, among other things, on the material.

In general, the potential drilling diameter is highest for wood. Here, the devices usually manage 30 to 40 millimeters. The situation is different with steel and concrete. In the case of steel, the possible drilling diameter is the smallest and is usually only 13 to a maximum of 16 millimeters. In the case of concrete, 20 to 28 millimeters are still possible.

Compare the possible power consumption

The rotary hammer with safety coupling can work with very different power consumption. When choosing, make sure that a powerful motor has been used for the rotary hammer.

Depending on the tool type, the power consumption is between 550 and 1010 watts.

The number of spins and strokes shall not be too high

Even if your hammer drill is large and particularly powerful, you should always make sure that the number of strokes per minute is not too high. The more beats are achieved per minute, the less force is achieved per stroke. It is very helpful if the rotary hammer has an electronically controllable speed.

Large differences in volume

Whether you opt for a rotary hammer with a side handle or another model, you should keep in mind that there are huge differences in volume. In particular, the pneumatic and hydraulic models are quite noisy. This is different from the electric rotary hammer with a depth stop. It is much quieter. But then it is often necessary to reduce the volume.

Tip: The rotary hammer with a quick-change chuck makes handling much easier for you. So you can change the drill very quickly with a rotary hammer with SDS-Plus.

Hammer drill test or comparison: The most important user questions and answers about rotary hammers

In the following, we will once again address common questions that arise around the rotary hammers. Above all, we want to help you find the best tool even without a hammer drill test.

Which brands are recommended?

In a hammer drill test, tools from the same manufacturers are repeatedly taken into account. These include, but are not limited to:






Where can I get a good hammer drill?

When looking for a hammer drill, you can look around, especially in the hardware store of your trust. Here you will be offered different models from different manufacturers. The big advantage is that you can take advantage of individual consultation on site. Discounters such as Lidl also occasionally offer the hammer drill with tile chisel and other accessories.

Look for a special model, such as the rotary hammer with dust protection, focusing on online trading. Here you can also switch to one or the other hammer drill test. Professional models for the trade are now also available online at affordable prices.

How does a hammer drill work?

A hammer drill works with its own impact power. Due to the impact force, the cutting edge of the drill can wear down the material. The drill finally carries the loose material outside together with the dust, creating a clean borehole.

Which hammer drill is suitable for removing tiles?

If you want to remove tiles with a hammer drill incl. interchangeable drill chuck, you do not necessarily need the most powerful model. A good choice here is the electric tools. They convince in a hammer drill test by a quite uncomplicated application and bring solid equipment with them.

Why is a hammer drill with a soft grip recommended?

Given the performance of a rotary hammer, it is extremely important that it can be held well and safely in the hand. Here, a model with a soft grip offers better ergonomic conditions.

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