Raj Kundra Net Worth, Income, Assets & Lifestyle

Despite being a college dropout, Raj Kundra managed to achieve milestones in his life. He is a renowned Anglo-Asian businessman and is considered amongst the top world richest men’s community. He started his business right after he completed high school. He never to went to college and invested the time in traveling to several countries. This post will provide you latest reports about Raj Kundra net worth, income, cars and house collection. 

From there, he learned about business and started investing in pashmina shawls in Nepal. He started selling them to the top fashion houses in his home country, Britain. By a decade, he achieved a lot of fortunes.

Since the start of his business, Raj is making new plans and strategies of expanding his business to different countries and different industries.

Raj Kundra was born in London, Britain on September 9, 1975. However, his paternal roots connect him to Ludhiana, India. His father, Bal Krishnan Kundra lived in Ludhiana from where he moved to London and after a few years of working as a conductor started his own business. Raj was born after his father moved to UK. Raj has indeed business blood in his veins and with a shrewd brain, he is able to own a varied chain of several companies and establishments in several countries like Britain, Dubai, India, and others. This is the main reason for which Raj Kundra net worth is so high and is constantly increasing every year in huge steps.

Raj Kundra Net Worth

Raj Kundra net worth is primarily because of widespread businesses in Britain, India, and Dubai. He started his business by selling Nepal-made Pashmina shawls to the popular British fashion houses.

This earned him millions and soon he invested the turnover money in other businesses. In 2007, he shifted to Dubai to try his luck in foreign business and his luck played out miraculously. He established the Essential general Trading LLC Company there in Dubai and soon started investing in other foreign business after its success.

His businesses cover areas like steel plants, fashion industry, real estate, constructions, Forex investments, and others. Estimations reveal that Raj Kundra earns around a hundred million dollars per year.

The Raj Kundra net worth is amazing and more than his wife, Shilpa Shetty. In fact, because of this increasing net worth graph, he was once considered in the SUCCESS list and ranked 198th richest British Asian. In .2020, it has been estimated that the Raj Kundra net worth is INR 2800 crore which is equivalent to $400 million in USD.

Year Net worth in USD Net worth in INR
2020 $400 million INR 2900 crore
2019 $340 million INR 2500 crore
2018 $320 million INR 2350 crore
2016 $310 million INR 2300 crore

Raj Kundra Net Worth 2022

With so many establishments, Raj Kundra is one of the richest British Asian businessmen in the world as of 2020. He has invested in several other businesses also from where his yearly turnover is recorded as more than hundred millions. Apart from this, he also earns from the sports and athletic teams he owns with other elite celebrities. With all these varied sources of income, it is very expected that the Raj Kundra net worth 2022 is around INR 2800 crores which is almost around $400 million USD.

To know more about what contributes to his net worth, here is the detail of his income sources.

Net worth in 2022 $400 million
Net worth in INR INR 2800 crore
Business salary INR 700 crore per year
Investments INR 50 to 80 crore per investment
Luxury cars More than INR 10 crore
Personal investments More than INR 50 crore

Raj Kundra Salary

Raj Kundra started his business with selling the Pashmina shawls. But after earning handsome fortunes, he started investing in several new endeavors, starting from mining industry to education industries, stock markets, fashion industry, film industry, and so on.

He owns several multinational companies in Dubai and Britain. He has set up several sports center here in India, and several spas along with his wife in Mumbai.

With so much success, Raj Kundra earns around INR 700 crores per year. The way his businesses are skyrocketing, it’s expected that soon he would be considered amongst the rich business community of India.

Profession Businessman
Net worth in 2020 $ 400 million or INR 2800 crores
Monthly income INR 50 crores
Yearly income More than 700 crores
Earning factors Businesses, investments, sport centers
Last updated 2020

Raj Kundra’s Assets

From Raj Kundra’s net worth, it is clear that he lives a lavish life. Being such a successful businessman has its perks and Raj certainly likes to enjoy those. He owns the Rajasthan Royal team along with his wife Shilpa Shetty.

He has also invested in a television channel along with Akshay Kumar which is still displayed in DTH services. He also started a martial arts show with Sanjay Dutt which gained a lot of popularity.

It is believed that he gave one of the most extravagant wedding rings to his current wife, Shilpa Shetty worth of INR 3 crore.

Raj Kundra Wife, Family, Affairs, Height

Raj Kundra was born in London, UK to Bal Krishnan Kundra, a small businessman, and Usha Rani Kundra who used to work in a small shop. He doesn’t have any siblings.


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Growing up, he was pampered by his parents who never stopped him from achieving his dreams. In his adulthood, he married Kavita Kundra and together they have a daughter. However, he divorced her and then married Shilpa Shetty in 2009.

Here is some more detail about the businessman’s personal life.

Height 5’8” in feet or 178 centimeters
Father Bal Krishnan Kundra
Mother Usha Rani Kundra
Brother None
Sister None
Spouse Shilpa Shetty
Other relatives Shamita Shetty Vihaan Kundra Shamisha Kundra Sunanda Shetty

Raj Kundra Houses

Raj Kundra has invested in several houses, out of which four are noticeable and extravagant. In London, he owns a seven bedroom English-styled villa in Weybridge, Surrey.

The businessman gifted an apartment in Burj Khalifa’s thirteenth floor to his wife, Shilpa Shetty as a wedding anniversary gift. He also owns the Kinara, a plush sea-facing bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai which is worth of INR 24 crore.

He also owns an apartment in Noida worth of INR 4 crore which he gifted to his wife after his son, Vihaan’s birth.

Raj Kundra Cars

Raj Kundra has an exclusive collection of premium luxury cars, starting from Mercedes to Lamborghini. His total car collection is worth more than INR 10 crores, both in India and London.


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