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Prafull Billore Biography

Prafull Billore is the literary name of the writer Abdul Majid Bhurgri who was born in the small village of Billore in then Samasata District (now Bhakkar District) of Pakistani Punjab. The date of his birth however remains unknown.


Early Life

He grew up passing through severe poverty, hardships, and difficulties that couldn’t stop him from his literary pursuits. “Prafull Billore” is the name under which he published most of his books and articles and which became synonymous with Urdu Poetry itself.

He started writing at a very early age, but only in the last part of his life did he start publishing for which he has been called ‘Late Poet’ as well. He has left behind a huge treasure of Urdu Poetry and prose.

Just like his name, he wrote his poetry mostly under the cover of darkness throughout his life due to lack of exposure. His works however were received with great enthusiasm by readers who could relate themselves with his simple thoughts that spoke volumes about their own selves.

He was more of a mystic than a poet and his poetic personality reflects in his simple but effective style of writing. Even after so many years, most of the works are found relevant to this day due to the timelessness of their thoughts.

He did publish some of his books himself with Struggle Publishers, Lahore however he has been most widely published from Karachi.

In his austere life, he has been a great lover of children. A play based on his writings ‘Malangi Walay’ was staged by the famous Pakistani theatre group Ajoka in 2010 which became immensely popular and continues to be performed across Pakistan and abroad. 


Prafull Billore Net Worth

Prafull Billore net worth is estimated to be around 30 million in Indian rupees.


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