Nicest Areas of Long Island to Move To

There are several desirable towns and neighborhoods on Long Island. One of New York State’s most notable regions is Long Island. It offers beautiful beaches, is only a short drive to Brooklyn, and provides inhabitants with the ideal mix of urban and suburban living. Long Island Houses for Sale are expensive with the median house price around $600,000. It boasts some of the greatest healthcare in the state and is convenient for commuters. The best Long Island neighborhoods to move to are farther down this page.


This well-known area is renowned for its abundance of prestigious high schools, six distinct elementary schools, and top-notch educational opportunities for kids who wish to succeed in their vocations. Aside from education, this area offers a variety of outdoor activities. It’s reasonable to say that Massapequa is an upscale area that offers all the finest things in life no matter how you look at it.


Commack is a sports fan’s paradise, if nothing else. Even now, this region is well renowned for having a large population of athletes that appreciate neighboring healthy competition. The abundance of networking opportunities in Commack will appeal to those who are career-focused. Randy Rainbow and Rosie O’Donnell are just two of the famous people who call this area home. So, don’t be shocked if you run across a famous person when visiting this area.


People prefer traveling to Islip when they really, truly need to escape the chaos and noise of New York City. This classy yet underpopulated Long Island community is tucked right next to the sea, providing residents with year-round access to the sun and waves. Islip still appeals to younger groups despite being a suburb known for having above-average schools. The nightlife in the area is fantastic, and during the summer you can always count on parties to appear nearby. But don’t be concerned. Rarely do people complain about noise.

Valley Stream

Finding a home on Long Island that is both affordable and convenient for commuting has some merit. One of such unique, notable jewels is Valley Stream. One of the commuter-friendly Long Island suburbs, Valley Stream is nestled close to Queens County and has excellent access to JFK Airport and NYC thanks to its fantastic public transportation infrastructure. This location is ideal for commuters as Manhattan is only a short drive away. Even though it’s simple to get to the city, many residents decide to stay close by on the weekends. After all, everyone is nice here, and food is quite reasonably priced.


Ronkonkoma is noted for having easy access to public transportation and being home to the Long Island MacArthur Airport. It is modest and yet remarkably charming in its own way. This working-class community is well recognized for housing a fair number of commuters and people employed by airlines. If you appreciate cuisine, you’ll like Ronkonkoma and the surrounding area because of the excellent restaurant scene. You can always obtain the necessary fresh air while taking in the breathtaking beauty of nature by strolling around one of the many parks in the area. Oh, and Lake Ronkonkoma’s view? Every day of the year is amazing.

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