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Manu Manek Biography

Manu Manek is a popular social media figure from India. He is known for being able to breathe underwater using gills. He also claims to have been an Indian soldier who was born in a family of divers and pearl fishermen.


Early Life

There aren’t a lot of records on the internet that can attest to Manu’s early life. There is a mention of his having been born into a family of pearl fishermen and divers from Mumbai, India.

His father was known as a pearl diver who would dive up to 200 feet below sea level wearing only goggles and a diving suit made from lead. He also wrote a book titled The Pearl and the Pearl Diver. Manu has an older brother and a younger sister.



Upon growing up, he joined the Indian Army where he served in their Special Forces Unit. He was allegedly trained in various forms of warfare like paragliding, deep-sea diving, and freefall parachuting.

Later on, he was transferred to the SFF (Special Frontier Force) where he became part of their amphibious unit. He was working in the Himalayan region when he discovered an island in the middle of the sea which held a treasure trove of gold, diamonds, and other precious stones.

Manu stopped serving with both the Indian Army and SFF when he got married. He also became a vegetarian after that point. He has been on several television shows, some of which have been focused around his claims as an Indian soldier who can breathe underwater using gills.

There are even some videos online where he is seen demonstrating the use of supposed gills by opening them up and breathing through them as well as submerging himself underwater.


Manu Manek Net Worth

Manu Manek net worth is estimated to be around $50 million in 2022.


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