How can You Get into Mobile Movies Download and from Which Websites?

If you search for free online movies, you will get an exhaustive list. But don’t get tempted by everything you see on the internet. These free websites have a lot of viruses and when you click on the download button you will end up installing the same virus on your mobile phone. So, it can be said that the mobile movie download is not a child’s play just as it seems from the face of it. Read below to understand the easiest way of downloading any movie on your mobile phone. 

Downloading the Movie for Free on a Mobile Phone

There are many websites that allow you to download movies online but some of them are restricted only to your computer. The same app doesn’t work in case you wish to download the movie on your mobile phone. In case you wish to download a movie on a mobile phone, then you can do the same using Show box, movie HD, popcorn time, etc. You can even visit your Playstore and use the Telegram app to download any video or movie. 

  • Telegram- This is one of the easiest ways for mobile movies download. You can download Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies, and you can even join a web series channel.  
  • Popcorn Time- This is again a very easy-to-handle app which can be easily installed on your mobile phone. This app has more number of Hollywood movies as compared to Bollywood movies. 
  • Crackle- It is a free movie streaming service that has been offered by Sony Entertainments. In case you have a taste for watching offbeat movies which didn’t do well at the box office, you will find them all here.
  • Amazon Prime Video- This is another platform that allows you to watch TV shows and movies online. You can take the subscription plan and you are free to download any movie in the list available. 

Benefits of Watching Movies on the Phone

It is true that watching a movie on your mobile phone has become a lot more convenient and enjoyable experience now. Here are some other benefits of watching movies on your mobile phone.

  • You get the flexibility of putting the movie to pause and continuing with your work. 
  • You can increase or decrease the speed of the movie depending upon the availability of time and interest in the movie.
  • You can put your baby to sleep and watch your favorite movie on your mobile phone without disturbing him. 
  • In case you are traveling, you don’t need a computer screen or your TV to rejuvenate yourself. You can simply take your phone and watch your favorite movie from the list of movies that you have downloaded. 
  • You don’t need a strong network to watch a movie that already has been downloaded to your mobile phone. 
  • You can watch a movie in the comfort of your home without spending a single penny on buying a movie ticket. You can even binge on your favorite homemade snack while watching the movie.
  • You don’t have to plan to watch a movie in advance and buy a ticket for the same. You can simply invite your friends over whenever you feel like watching a movie. 

To Sum It Up

Watching movies on the mobile phone is a mind-relaxing hobby these days. It frees up from so many hassles and allows you to spend some alone time. No matter where you are if you have your phone you can easily watch a movie that has already been downloaded to your phone. With the advancement in technology, mobile movies download has become easy and enjoyable. In case you wish to know more about the same, you can read a dedicated blog on the Abouther website regarding the same.

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