An Indian startup has developed a groundbreaking device for the deaf-blind, allowing them to communicate using advanced speech synthesis and voice recognition systems. 

The founders aim to offer an alternative communication method without relying on sign language. With support from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), the device utilizes a standard Braille display keyboard, and its notable feature is the vocalization of typed text through a synthesized voice.

While currently supporting only English, the startup plans to include other languages by 2017. The device employs a unique word recognition principle where users place their fingers on special cavities to sequentially receive a spoken text from their interlocutor. The innovative device utilizes a pioneering word recognition principle, allowing users to engage in a tactile and interactive communication experience. 

This innovative technology improves communication and provides deaf-blind individuals with education, information, and resources, fostering better integration into daily life. 

The startup is exploring a potential partnership with a prominent Indian company(Orbit Research).

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