What Is Hindustani Bhau Net Worth In 2022?

Hindustani Bhau Early Life

Bhau was born on 5 November 1905 in a small village near Amravati called Pachora, to Jagannath and Nirmalabai. He was the third of three brothers. Bhau’s parents named him ‘Krushna Chandra’ but he later became known as ‘Hindustani Bhau’.

His father Jagannath died when Bhau was 7 years. The death of his father caused a financial burden on his family, but with help from the Government and help from influential people he finished school and went to Dharwad to complete an Arts Degree. After graduating in 1929, Bhau came back home to Amravati and became a teacher.


Bhau’s Interest in Politics

In 1932, Bhau left his job as a teacher and became interested in the Indian National Congress (INC). Due to his involvement with the INC, he was forced to stay away from Amravati for a longer period which led him to travel all over Maharashtra and even outside of India.

In 1938, he was elected as the Secretary of Amravati District INC, which made him responsible for bringing awareness amongst people about the congress.


Hindustani Bhau’s Participation in Indian Freedom Struggle

In 1942 after quitting his job again, Hindustani Bhau left Amravati to join Mahatma Gandhi at Jayprakash Narayan’s ashram in Warda, Uttar Pradesh. He started living there and while staying at the ashram he was given the responsibility of making bombs for the Indian National Army (INA) and also trained with them.

As per Hindustani Bhau’s wishes, his remains were donated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Hospital in Amravati. Every year his death anniversary is celebrated in the town of Amravati with great fanfare.

Bhau’s social work hasn’t stopped after his death, he continues to inspire people even today through films and documentaries made about him.

Many films have been produced over the years which tell the story of Hindustani Bhau and his sacrifices, including Hindi films like ‘Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero’ (2005) and ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’ (2007), and Marathi films like Zenda (1976), Hindustani (1995) and Swatantryaveer Savarkar (2012).


Hindustani Bhau Net Worth

Hindustani Bhau’s total assets were worth Rs. 14 Lakhs, which included Rs. 10,000 cash and a Bank Account of Rs. 3,800. It also included his house in the village where he lived with his mother Nirmalabai, Wife Chanda Bai, and children Shobha and Sadash.


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