Football betting and Types of sports bets

Soccer is the most popular sport globally, known as the king sport and many other countries. Soccer bookmakers worldwide recognize this; they focus their attention on him, seeking to offer the best odds to his millions of followers.

Football betting

There are many possible soccer bets on 22Bet app Kenya; here, we will explain the most popular.

Bet 1×2

It consists of 3 possible outcomes: winning the home team, winning the away team, or a draw for both teams. This bet is made based on the regular game time, which is 90 minutes.

Bet on the final or exact result

Also known as the correct marker, the bettor must guess the final result with the exact number of goals to be converted by each team. The 90 minutes of play is the time to consider; they usually handle quite high quotas due to their complexity to hit.

First scorer

It is a very complicated bet, in which the odds offered are usually quite attractive. Its complexity lies in guessing who will be the player who will score the first goal of the event. It requires extensive knowledge of the players and teams. If the elected player does not finish the game because he is supplanted, some houses return the money wagered.

Break – end 

This bet is quite similar to the 1 x 2; winning home team, winning away team, or draw, with the difference being to predict: who will win the first half and who will win the match.

It is not necessary to give the exact result. In this modality, the 90 minutes of the game are taken into account. However, it usually offers very good odds unless there is an absolute favorite between the two.

Double and win 

It consists of choosing the following three possibilities: home team or tie, away team or tie, home team or away team. If there is a favorite team previously, the fee offered is low.

In the case of victory, this does not contemplate the opportunity of a draw. According to the bidding bookmaker, recovering the money in case of a tie means voiding the bet.

Types of sports bets

Bookmakers put a huge variety of bets to provide a service to their customers. Diversity is the greatest attraction when choosing between the various sports bets.

There are several types of sports betting, but they are all based on four main types, which are:

Simple bets 

As the name suggests, they are bets in which a single option is chosen for a specific event. You can bet as many times as you want, but it will always be individually.

To calculate the profit in this type of bet, you only have to multiply the amount of money bet by the value of the chosen quota; the result will be the gross profit, and subtracting the amount wagered gives you the net profit.

Combined bets 

They are simply the result of combining two or more simple bets; up to a certain maximum, which the bookmaker will stipulate. The main advantage of this form of betting is that the multiplication of the chosen odds among themselves raises the final odds; this is only if the bettor hits every one of the bets; Otherwise, everything wagered is lost. This type of betting is for events where there is a clear favorite.

System bets 

System bets are usually from a minimum of 3 bets up to a maximum that each bookmaker sets. Another feature is that the house forces the bettor to invest a minimum amount depending on whether you want to bet.

They have the advantage concerning combined bets that an error in the series of combined events does not cause you to lose all the money bet.

The higher the number of system bets you place, the higher the prize, but the possibility that you lose your bet is also greater.

Example: if you make a 2/3 system bet, it means that out of 3 chosen events, you hit a minimum of 2 plays.

Live betting 

They are bets made during the celebration of a sporting event in real-time. 

There are other types of bets, among which we get: Long-term bets, medium-term bets, last-minute bets, handicap bets, half-time bets, full-time bets, and position bets, among many others.

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