What Is Emiway Bantai Net Worth In 2022?

Emiway Bantai Bio & Early Life

Emiway Bantai is the stage name of Amanjeet Singh Hans, who was born on 20 January 1999 in Gurgaon, Delhi. He got to this world through the collaboration of science and superstition. His father’s side belongs to Jaunpur whilst his mother hails from Haryana.

Emiway has a brother named Zorawar Singh Hans, who is studying at IIM Lucknow. According to him he “had a great childhood because there were not many expectations from me unlike other kids”. Hence during his early days, he developed an interest in music which helped shape his musical career later on in life.

Ever since he could remember himself being interested in Hip Hop culture, he used to listen to Hip Hop music and started rapping as a hobby.

His family was aware of his interest in Hip Hop music but they never supported him due to their conservative backgrounds. However, things were completely different with his friends who loved the way Emiway presented himself and stood by him thick and thin.

He graduated from DPS RK Puram, Delhi, and completed his school education in 2014 which is when he shifted back home to Delhi where he pursued self-learning of music production through various tutorials which helped him polish up his rap skills.

Some of the songs that got produced at this stage were for fun or just added up as samples for future projects. He then began working on ‘School Anthem’ for a school in Delhi while some of the other songs which got produced at this stage were ‘Zorawar Anthem’ and ‘1st Year Anniversary Anthem’.

Things however started to look up for Emiway when he met some of the experienced musicians who helped him evolve as an artist by giving advice on how to improve his rap skills and production techniques.

Emiway used to upload videos from time to time from thereon but one fine day he came across a video that changed his life entirely. In the video, rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh was seen talking about how there is no need for any formal training if you have real talent and can prove yourself through your music.

This had a very effect on Emiway as he believed his talent would be judged only if he released a video of his own.


He then went on to release his first song ‘6 inches’, accompanied by a music video that became an instant hit among youngsters and rap fans.

The song was viewed more than 2 million times in under 3 weeks which made Emiway realize the fact that it provided him an outlet to express his creativity without any boundaries or limitations.

He believes that hip-hop music is like poetry and hence should not discriminate against anyone who considers himself/herself to be rebellious by nature.

Meanwhile, We caught up with this talented rapper for an exclusive interview where he revealed all about himself and how he got into auditioning at Zee Music Company.


Emiway Bantai Net Worth

Emiway Bantai has an estimated net worth of INR 30 Crores.


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