Disney Animated Character Mirabel in Encanto

The Disney animated film Encanto is an enjoyable film that features many of the beloved characters of the Disney Renaissance. Mirabel Madrigal is a character that appears in the film. She is the daughter of Alma and Pedro Madrigal, and she is the main protagonist of the story.

Alma Madrigal

Alma is the grandmother of the Madrigal family, and the matriarch. Her husband, Pedro, died protecting her family, leaving her to raise three children. She wears a long, dark red dress with a butterfly motif and a black belt and key.

She uses her magic to keep her family together. Alma is a kind woman who is concerned with the welfare of her grandchildren. However, she is sometimes too rigid with her ideals.

One of her grandkids is named Antonio. His gifts include the ability to speak with animals. In fact, the film begins with the first example of this gift, involving a toucan called Pico.

The other is Dolores. She is a woman who can hear sounds that are beyond her own comprehension. As a result, she can learn and use the secrets of the past. This particular power, along with her magical food, enables her to heal Agustin.

Julieta Encanto

The Encanto saga is a fantasy story about a family of Madrigals in a magical house in Columbia. This includes a black sheep, a golden child and a trio of neophytes. Fortunately for them, they have a magical cousin who can help them out. But he needs to be found.

The story follows the Madrigal family as they celebrate the Novena de Aguinaldos. In the course of their quest, they learn a few things. First, there are more people like them in the world. Second, the Madrigals have some pretty awesome gifts. Third, there’s a magic charm in their kitchen.

While the movie is aimed at children, there are enough mature ideas to keep adults entertained. There’s also the movie’s director, Jared Bush, who does a good job of answering questions about the movie.

Pepa Encanto

The characters in Encanto have a variety of roles to play. One of the most important is Mirabel. She is the key to restoring magic when the Casita is threatened. But how much does she really know about her family’s secrets?

How Old is Mirabel in Encanto, Mirabel is a 15 year old girl in Encanto. She is also the only Madrigal that isn’t gifted with magical powers. She’s worried about her well-being. And she feels overlooked. In the film, she asks Pepa about a “taboo” subject.

As a child, she lived in a house that was made by her father. When the family was attacked, her father was killed. After his death, she was moved into the Casita with her mother.

Pepa was five when she was given magical gifts. She learned to control the weather using her emotions.

Pedro Madrigal

Encanto is the story of Alma and Pedro Madrigal, a couple who loved each other deeply. They raised three kids, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. But when a group of murderous soldiers attack, Pedro is killed. This death causes the magical enchantment known as Encanto to begin.

The miracle that gives Alma and her family the power to survive is an enchanted candle. It forms a magical community where she and her children live.

Aside from Alma, the other members of the family include Pedro, Pepa, Bruno, Julieta and Isabela. All the kids are gifted with special magic powers. However, only one of the kids has not received a magical gift from the miracle.

While he is not the main character, Pedro Madrigal has a prominent role in the story. He is the late husband of Alma. His portrait is hung inside the house.

Felix Encanto

Encanto is a TV series set in rural Colombia. It tells the story of a young girl who learns about the magical gifts her family members have. She sets out to save them. Each member of the Madrigal family has unique abilities. These are linked to their emotions. But the powers can lead to unpredictable outcomes.

The show centers on the youngest daughter of the family, Mirabel. She is a kind, sweet young woman who is not allowed to receive a magic gift. When a magic threat threatens her family, she sets out to save them. As she does, she finds out the secrets behind her family’s troubles.

Her parents, Julieta and Agustin Madrigal, have two daughters, Isabela and Luisa. They have super strength and an exceptional hearing.


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