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CarryMinati Biography

CarryMinati, or the man behind the name, Ajey Negar, is a highly popular online streamer and YouTuber. Born and raised in Faridabad, in Haryana, India, the now 21-year-old started his channel years ago as ‘Addicted A1’. This article will show you everything about CarryMinati net worth, biography, income and lifestyle.

Then, he changed it to ‘CarryDeol’, and after a while, he adopted his now well-known alter-ego, ‘CarryMinati’. Since then, this name has seen his entire journey to major YouTube stardom.

Currently, CarryMinati is one of the most popular influencers and social media celebrities on this platform. He is best known for his reaction videos about different topics online, game videos, and comedy sketches.

Not to mention, in 2020, Ajey Negar made his mark in YouTube India history. This is mainly due to his subscriber count, which has the highest amount over any other individual creator. While he does have two channels, this count is related to mainly his first channel, CarryMinati. In fact, there are more than 27 million (2.7 crores) subscribers on this account, and the count is still rising.

Plus, Negar has a second channel Carryislive which includes live streams and gaming videos mainly.

CarryMinati Net Worth

CarryMinati’s Net Worth is $ 3 Million. A lot of factors result in the growth of CarryMinati’s net worth. These include his earnings from YouTube views, merchandise deals, as well as brand sponsorships.

Not to mention, he is one of the most popular YouTubers on the Indian YouTube platform. As a result of this, his earnings increase every day as per the number of views he gets.

The monetization rules of YouTube further makes this contribution to CarryMinati’s net worth possible. And given how many views he gets hours into posting a new video, this does not take long either.

Furthermore, CarryMinati sponsors some brands on his videos, but only occasionally. Normally, the charges of brand sponsorships for big YouTube players range between INR 10 to 12 lakhs for the sponsored videos.

While he does charge a similar amount, the young man does not disclose his exact earnings to the public. So, this is mainly an estimation.

CarryMinati’s net worth has grown over the years and each month it keeps increasing with the extra subscribers he gets. In USD, his net worth is estimated at approximately 3 million. Converting this to Indian currency, the amount rounds off to INR 27 Crores.

The following table details the rise of CarryMinati’s net worth over the last 5 years.

Year Net Worth in USD Net Worth in INR
2020 $ 3 Million INR 27 Crores
2019 $ 2 Million INR 18 Crores
2018 $ 1.8 Million INR 13 Crores
2017 $ 1.6 Million INR 12 Crores
2016 $ 1.3 Million INR 9.5 Crores


CarryMinati Net Worth 2022

Currently, CarryMinati’s approximate net worth is estimated at around USD 3 million or INR 27 Crores. The calculation of this gross amount includes his income from YouTube videos, subscriber count, brand deals, and assets.

For a better understanding, here is the tabular overview of CarryMinati’s net worth in the year 2022.

Net Worth in 2022 $3 million
Net Worth in INR INR 27 crores
YouTube videos INR 50 lakhs per month (estimated)
Endorsement deals INR 10-12 lakhs per deal (estimated)
Luxury Cars INR 70 lakhs
Personal Investments INR 10-30 lakhs (estimated)

CarryMinati’s Salary

CarryMinati is very popular with the young Indian audience for his interesting video content and gameplays on his two channels, respectively. Sure, he makes controversial content at times; but overall, all of his videos get millions of views. In fact, each one gets around 20 million views in recent years. 

In terms of numbers, CarryMinati has more than 27 million subscribers on his main channel where he has posted more than 170 videos to date. Over the years, he got 1.935 billion views on this channel in total.

As for his second channel, Carryinlive, he has 8.16 million subscribers and has posted 663 videos in total till now.

All of this contributes to CarryMinati’s net worth due to the monetization algorithm on YouTube. On average, Ajey Negar earns USD 66,100 per month on this platform.

Additionally, he earns more from fan donations, merchandise sales, and corporate sponsorships, too. Plus recently, the young man also entered into a brand ambassador sponsorship deal with a company called Arctic Fox Ropes.

Profession YouTuber, Streamer
Net Worth in 2020 $3 million or INR 27 crores
Monthly Income More than INR 50 lakhs
Yearly Income More than INR 6 Crores
Earning Factors YouTube videos, Subscriber Count, Sponsorships Deals
Last Updated 2020

CarryMinati’s Assets

CarryMinati’s net worth is high, which allows him to have an hugely lavish life. But still, he lives a simple life. Hailing from a middle-class background, he understands the value of savings but he does invest in necessary high-end products.


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His most valued possessions range from low-end items like his 3 monkey toys to high-end electronic gadgets. In fact, the young lad owns one iMac laptop worth INR 3 lakhs, and also two high-end PCs worth INR 5 lakhs.

He also takes part in charitable causes, like raising INR 1.5 Crores for the soldiers’ of the Pulwama attack through Twitter.

CarryMinati Height, Wife, Family, Affairs

CarryMinati or Ajey Negar was born on 12th June 1999 in the city of Faridabad in Haryana, India.

He is very secretive about his personal life. So, not much information is known about his family or relatives. However, we do know about his brother, Yash Negar, who is popular as a rapper named “Willy Frenzy”.

As for his romantic affairs, CarryMinati is reportedly single, though he has been linked to actress Avneet Kaur. However, neither has admitted to this speculation despite the high attention from both the media and fans.

The following table details his personal life in a more comprehensive manner.

Height 5’5’’ or 165 cm
Father Not Disclosed
mother Not Disclosed
Brother Yash Negar
Sister None
Spouse None
Affairs Avneet Kaur (rumored)

CarryMinati’s Houses

Ajey Negar lives in Faridabad in Haryana, in the same home as his father, mother, and brother. He does not own his own private housing yet, though he may in the future.

CarryMinati’s Cars

Ajey Negar owns two cars under his name and he has even featured them on his YouTube videos. In fact, he has a high interest in cars, and later in life, plans to buy more.

The list below includes the estimated prices of his vehicles.

Cars Estimated Valuation
Toyota Fortuner INR 30 lakhs
Toyota Fortuner INR 30 lakhs

CarryMinati Controversies, Popularity and Awards

Ajey Negar, or CarryMinati, is usually popular with his fans due to his interesting videos. However, what brought him to broader attention was when he released a roast video, “YouTube Vs TikTok – The End” in May 2020.

This video got a high engagement, with the highest recorded likes (72,422,881 views in just 6 days) among non-music videos on YouTube India. However, it is not up on YouTube anymore because of the controversial content of the video. Thus, the site had no choice but to pull it down.

However, this is not the only controversy CarryMinati has taken part in. He made a diss track about YouTuber PewDiePie, too, which brought him further scrutiny.

Besides, he has made rap collaborations with Wily Frenzy, an interview with Tom Cruise, and more.

CarryMinati has won a lot of accolades throughout the years too. He has won 5 YouTuber Creator Awards over his two channels and got the Number 10 ranking in the Next Generation Leaders 2019 list on TIME. Currently, he holds a place in the 30 Under 30 Forbes Asia list under the category of Media, Marketing, & Advertising.

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