5 Questions Marketers Need To Ask Before Purchasing Proxies

In an internet world plagued with data breaches, the need for data security and privacy is paramount. Hacks like effective password management by using LastPass or 1Password, authentication settings, installing browser extensions to block ads, or software that directs you to the secure version of the site you are browsing, are proven data security strategies. 

While these methods are proven to be effective for internet security, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. This calls for more proactive digital security steps, not just for your private network but also to secure the data integrity of your online brand. This is where proxy servers come in.

In simple language, proxy servers are internet gatekeepers that filter web access to private networks. Using rotating residential proxies, for instance, has been proven to add extra layer of protection to your network. Rotating residential proxies from Rayobyte gives an idea of the level of internet browsing protection afforded by proxy servers. Some of these includes unlimited number of concurrent connections with unique IP addresses for each web request, prevention of anti-scraping technology, enhancement of country targeting.

If it still seems cloudy, think of proxy servers as network intermediaries. They act as router systems serving as channels between an end user and the internet. By acting as firewalls or web filters, your network is protected from malware attacks. Enabling a proxy VPN on your network can also help to alter your location, especially when you are using the internet for data-sensitive purposes. 

However, for a business with online presence, there are more intrinsic purposes to using proxy servers. Enabling a proxy site on your organization’s network will enhance its security. Also, it prevents external eavesdrops on activities within the organization. By filtering websites, proxies will help to control web access from your organization to prevent cyber-attacks. File caching and compression to reduce incoming traffic is another benefit proxy server offers.

Residential proxies however offer more advantages for business ends as they have real IP addresses supplied by ISPs. In this perspective, marketers find a greater need for dedicated residential proxies. 

For one, marketing research requires a lot of comparative data analyses of prices and products in order to widen market reach. Carrying out these activities undetected however optimizes online marketing activities. 

Marketing agencies and departments generally need residential proxies for intricate reasons like ad verification, web scraping, product and price comparisons, etc. Without residential proxies, getting this information in a secured manner will prove strenuous and risky. Purchasing the best residential proxies will therefore augment these online marketing activities. 

So, what questions should come to the mind of a marketer who wishes to purchase proxies?

What relevance do residential proxies have with marketing?

If there is anything marketers understand as key to a successful marketing campaign, it is access to consumer information. Marketers need to see the products and prices offered by the businesses they represent or those of their competitors from a consumer’s perspective. This helps them to strategize better and maximize their marketing reach. 

However, some businesses restrict access to this kind of information by, for example, hindering access to their websites from certain countries. To scale this hurdle, marketers need dedicated residential proxies to acquire raw information on marketing details. 

Can proxies give a competitive edge?

One thing is certain about proxies, they are resourceful for acquiring industry data. Information relating to pricing, customer reviews, shipping, product features, etc. Information like these are useful for gaining clarity on your target audience and understanding what your competitors are doing to promote brand awareness and maximize profit. 

For instance, through customer reviews you can know your customer’s payment preferences or their opinion on product features. With such information, you can re-strategize to suit your customer’s preferences. This also works as a traffic diversion stratagem from your competitors.

Web scraping is another competitive upside to using proxies. Obtaining the actionable marketing information discussed above might prove difficult due to the restrictions on the target websites. However, proxies help to effectively bypass these settings easily. Residential proxies are potent enough to reinforce the unblocking of proxy server restrictions on websites while web scrapping by enhancing cybersecurity.    

How do proxy servers protect my brand’s identity?

You brand is your intellectual property, and if anything is true about properties, it is that they must enjoy adequate protection. Cyber-attackers can sometimes use fake websites to pass-off as the original and thereby earn illegally to the cost of the original brand owners. As a marketing brand, there is nothing as frustrating as a bogus website making earnings off you. 

Proxies are therefore important to enhance the security of your brand’s identity by exposing counterfeits. Static residential proxies provide fast Ips and assured anonymity for your brand, whether for social media purposes or complex organizational operations.   

What should marketers look out for when purchasing proxy servers?

If your marketing project is location specific, one of the things you should look out for before purchasing a proxy server is the size of the IP pool. Proxy sites that offer a wide IP pool gives you the option of using a wide range of IP addresses through which you can access the target website from any location globally. Going for cheap residential proxies may be cost-effective but may short-change you in the long run. 

Also, the reputation of the proxy should be vouched for. You can know this through their compliance with regulations and adherence to ethical standards. If the proxy you are purchasing is from Europe, they must show compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. You should also be sure of the level of customer support they have to offer, so you will not be stuck at a technical stage. Finally, check out what customers say about their products. 

Where can I find the best residential proxies? 

Some of the world’s leading vendors of proxy servers can be discovered by a quick search on the web. However, in your search be sure to contemplate their credibility, provisions of guides and other factors as mentioned above. Some of the best providers of residential proxies include Bright Data, Smartproxy, Proxy-seller, Blazing SEO proxies and many more. However rotating residential proxies are a great feature of proxy servers. Rotating residential proxies from Rayobyte makes it easy for make your Ip address static without the need for the regular updates. 


Proxies provide high potentials for marketers who desire to upscale their campaign and acquire actionable data sets to maximize their reach. This article has addressed some factors to consider when purchasing proxies that are suited for both personal and corporate purchases.   

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