10 Best Movies Of 2022 So Far You Should Try

Many films, from legacy sequels to directorial debuts have made it to the top of the 2022 new releases. They are all fighting for the title of the best movie of the year.

2022 is half done, and there have been many big film successes so far. There have also been some notable misses. Some highly anticipated films are still to come, such as Nope by Jordan Peele and Olivia Wilde’s mysterious new film, Don’t Worry Darling starring Harry Styles.

Movies List of 2022

While some of 2022’s greatest have been a success at the box office, others have gone unnoticed and deserve more attention. There are many shining stars in this year’s films, from legacy sequels to directorial debuts. Below are the movies we’ve complied with.

10) Top Gun: Maverick

Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun was released in theaters just 36 years later, 36 years after Top Gun. Nearly universal critical praise was given to it, with many critics claiming that it is even better than the original.

Maverick features Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer as the original cast, along with new cast members Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller. It is the story of Pete “Maverick,” Mitchell (Cruise), who is currently training TOPGUN’s new graduates. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw is one of them, Maverick’s best friend’s son who had died years ago.

9) Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is A24’s highest-grossing film. It stars Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Kwan, and Ke Huy Kwan in the role of a Chinese-American family that runs a struggling laundry shop. Yeoh’s character Evelyn (Kwan), is dragged into another universe by Waymond (Kwan), to save the multiverse.

Many critics consider the film to be the greatest multiverse movie ever made. It was directed and written by DANIELS, who is also known as Swiss Army Man. Everywhere continues to earn at the box office and many believe it will be noticed during awards season. Watch this movie on the Cinema APK in high quality free of cost.

8) The Batman

There was some doubt about Robert Pattinson’s ability to accurately portray Bruce Wayne’s character when he was cast as Batman. Pattinson was the greatest Batman of all time when The Batman was released.

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves. Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman, and Paul Dano portrays The Riddler. Both actors are equally amazing. It also features a stunning score by Michael Giacchino and outstanding cinematography by Academy Award winner Greig Frass.

7) Fresh

Fresh, Mimi Cave’s horror-comedy debut, stars Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Sebastian Stan. It’s a new take on horror comedy, lighter in comedy but still full of humor, much like its title. Fresh examines the problems women face in dating today, from men who seem unsuitable to those who are dangerous.

Sebastian Stan gives an outstanding performance. His character is incredibly charming from the beginning until the twist at the end of the second act. He then completely flips the switch, drawing comparisons with terrifying serial killers.

6) The Northman

Robert Eggers’ third film, The Northman had an impressive ensemble cast, which included Alex Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman. Skarsgard, a Swedish actor, had been fascinated by Viking history for many years and wanted to make a Viking movie. He met Eggers and decided that it would be Eggers’ next movie.

The Northman is based upon the Viking legend of Amleth, the character Skarsgard plays. This is also the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Although The Northman is a dark and violent revenge story that many people have missed, it’s well worth the effort for its intense visuals and performances.

5) Cha Cha Real Smooth

Cha Cha Real Smooth, written, directed, produced, and starring Cooper Raiff was released on Apple TV+ mid-June. Andrew (Raiff), a college graduate, was also the subject of this under-the-radar movie written. It also stars Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann. Andrew is unsure of his future plans after graduation. He meets Domino Johnson (a young mother) and Lola Johnson (an autistic girl).

This film is a heartfelt reflection of the feeling of floating through life after graduation from college. It captures how it feels to be uncertain where you are going next and shows how alluring stability can seem. Johnson and Raiff are both excellent actors, and Raiff’s direction and writing are superb. This movie is available to watch on the TVMob app at no price. 

4) The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is directed by Tom Gormican and stars Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal. Cage plays a fictionalized version of himself who struggles to find work. Pascal portrays Javi, a Majorca billionaire who offers Cage $1 million to attend his birthday party

Haddish portrays Vivian, a CIA Agent who hires Cage to be a secret agent as they believe Javi is running a criminal ring. Pascal and Cage share great chemistry and the film is filled with action and humor. Despite Cage’s secret CIA involvements, their characters form a close bromance through their mutual love of film.

3) Crimes Of The Future

Crimes of the Future is David Cronenberg’s first film in eighteen years. It stars Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydoux as well as Kristen Stewart. The film falls into science fiction and body horror categories. It depicts a future in which most people lose the ability to feel pain. However, others are able to grow new organs.

Saul (Mortensen), who is a frequent grower of new organs, and Caprice, his partner, are performance artists. They surgically remove Saul’s organs in front of a crowd. The Crimes of the Future, while disturbing in Cronenberg style, is beautiful at times and displays striking technical achievements. It’s worth the effort to see the visual effects and understand the multiple meanings of the story.

2) Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness

Sam Raimi’s first foray into the superhero genre since Spider-Man 3 is Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. This also marks his introduction to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In her sequel to WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen stars as Elizabeth Olsen. This movie is the sequel to Doctor Strange.

Raimi’s unique style and a touch of horror make this one of the most terrifying MCU films. This movie is lacking in the story but makes up for it in visuals and performances by its main cast.

1) Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever sees the Jackass crew return to their roots after twelve years. The show features both the majority of the original cast and new faces like Jasper Dolphin, Rachel Wolfson, and Zach Holmes.

Jackass films may not be for everyone but they are often a source of nostalgia for those who have been following them since childhood. Jackass Forever is one of the best films this year. It features Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O as they go back to their old ways, but with a lot more vigor.

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Get ready to make your day entertaining, grab some popcorn and start watching the above-listed movies. I hope you enjoy watching these movies.

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